We at DocPulse are constantly looking at improving the reliability of our software. We listen to our customer feedback, and always keep an eye on issues that cause problems for clinic / hospital operations. We are happy to announce one more feature which goes a long way in improving reliability of Billing in OP, IP & Pharmacy modules.

Earlier version was allowing two persons to edit a patient's Invoice simultaneously (e.g. Front-desk operator editing and adding information like bed charges, nursing charges etc, where cashier might be editing to collect the payment from a patient). But in some extremely rare cases, it was causing glitch in the invoicing. Now, from this point, two people can not create or edit an invoice of the same patient simultaneously.

The new Feature :

The system will prevent  overriding of data even when multiple users are creating or editing invoices. This is achieved by a "software lock" which gets created when a user tries to either create or edit an Invoice. If another user attempts to operate on the same Invoice, system smartly detects this, and informs them. Of course, there may be situations when a user may start editing and forgets to finish the work. In such cases, we have also provided the admin a way to "unlock" the Invoice. All the admin has to do is to go to the Billing list view, click on unlock icon present against the bill.

The Details:

If multiple user tries to Edit the invoice then the software displays a pop-up message as : "Another user (email id) is editing the invoice, and hence any changes is prohibited. Please wait for some time and try again. Or if you think this is in error, please contact your administrator".

Once the user saves the data and clicks on "Back to List" ,"Save" button or "Save and Print" button the Invoice gets unlocked.