Locking Pharmacy Purchase Invoice:

We are happy to introduce a new feature in Pharmacy module. This feature enables the admin to lock the pharmacy invoices after all the required information are entered by the staff so that if they try to make any changes after that then it doesn't allow them to modify it. Details are given below.
Once the staff has entered the pharmacy purchase invoice, admin needs to verify all the entries in the purchase invoice and lock the invoice by clicking on lock icon present in list view of purchase Invoices.. Once the invoices are locked, users will not be able to edit or delete the recorded purchase invoices.
Once the purchase invoices are locked all the stock items present in the invoice will also be locked and there will be no option to modify stock item. In case, they need to make changes to the stock items then the admin needs to unlock the purchase invoice and only after that they will be able to make changes.

Note : Lock Purchase invoices option is only available to Admin user Id.

Change log for Purchase Invoice / Stock Items in Pharmacy:

If purchase invoices are not locked then the following changes done by the staffs are captured in Change Log. This log is available in both Purchase Invoice or when you search by stock name.
1. Initial Quantity2. Free Quantity3. Damaged / Missing Quantity4. Returned to Distributor

Note : Change log will be only visible to Admin User Id.