At DocPulse, we are constantly listening to customer feedback and striving to improve usability of our software. We are happy to let you know about our new feature - keyboard support in Pharmacy Billing.

This feature will enable you to create the pharmacy bill faster using the keyboard.

The new behavior is as follows:
  • When user clicks on Pharmacy -> New Bills, cursor will be highlighted to patient selector so it will be easier for the user to search and select the patient.
  • Once patient is selected hit "Enter"  key and cursor will be highlighted to doctor selector.
  • Once doctor is selected and hit "Enter" key and cursor will be highlighted to add billing items button, hit "Enter" button to add row to add items.
  • Once the item is selected hit "Enter" to highlight quantity 
  • If you continue to hit "Enter" new row of item will be added, and the process continues.
  • Once the billing is complete, hit "F2" button to add payment, save and print the bill or "F4" button to add payment and save and "F7" button to save the bill without payment.
Note: The screen will be in "New Bill" always when user saves and prints the bills. This allows you to quickly start working on the next bill.

Shortcut Keys:

F2  - add payment, save and print the bill
F4 - add payment and save
F7 -  save the bill without payment.