Below are the steps on how to create a new Bill :

Step 1:  Go to "Billing" --> "New Bill" and search the patient by Name or Number / Hospital ID for whom the bill needs to be                     created.

Step 2:  If the patient is not registered in DocPulse, you can register a new patient using the Register option.

Step 3:  Select the Consulting Doctor with whom the patient needs to be consulted.

Step 4:  Click on "+Billing Item" and enter the name of the Billing item and select from the suggestions below. You can add                     more items by clicking on "+Billing Item" again.

Step 5:  If you want to give a discount to a particular item then use the discount box beside the item or if you want to give a                   discount to the whole invoice, click on the "+Discount" option.

              [In case the discount is in percentage please, enter "%" symbol after the number(for eg: 10%), If you want to give in                    rupees then you can just enter the amount which needs to be added as a discount.]

Step 6:  Click on "+Payment" to enter the payment given by the patient and click on "Save and Print".

Below is the video on How to create a New OP Bill for your reference :