This video will guide you on how to book in person and appointment and manage the appointment status?

Steps on How to book in person appointment.

1. Click on Green slot available for booking.

2. Select a patient by searching by Patient Name or mobile number OR add a new patient by clicking on Register button.

3. Select the appropriate Visit Type.

4. Once all the details entered are verified then Click on "Add Appointment".

5. In "List" View, you will be able to see all the list of patients who has booked the appointments for a particular day. You can also search the patient by their name or number or patient Id.

6. Once the patient arrives in the clinic / hospital, mark the appointment as arrived.

7. Once it is marked as Arrived, you will be able to view the details in Waiting Room.

8. Mark the Status as "Start Consultation" once the doctor starts the consultation and once the patient is seen, mark the appointment as Completed.